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Thousands of fishermen die each year.

Africa is a continent with vast stretches of coastlines and waterways, making boats essential for transportation, fishing, and even law enforcement. However, many of the boats currently in use in Africa are either outdated, poorly built, or not suited for the specific needs of the region.

This is where Skye Advance Africa comes in, with their Skye 10 Series range of workboats.

Skye Advance Africa has developed a range of workboats that are designed specifically for Africa's needs. The boats are scalable from 5.5m to 9m and can be transported via trailer or shipped via container. This makes them easy to transport and maneuver in various environments, including small rivers and shallow waters.

One of the unique features of the Skye 10 Series is the manufacturing process used to build them. The boats are constructed using closed mold vacuum infusion, which ensures a high fiber fraction ratio and a high strength-to-weight ratio. This makes the Skye 10 Series lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for use in harsh African waters.

The Skye Fisher, one of the boats in the Skye 10 Series range, is designed specifically for artisanal or commercial fishers. It has a central icebox and fishing positions for up to eight fishers at a time. This boat is perfect for small-scale fishers who need a reliable and durable boat to support their livelihoods.

The Skye Ferry is another boat in the Skye 10 Series range, designed for transporting people or goods. It can carry a load of up to 2000 kg, making it ideal for moving goods to and from islands or along rivers.

The Skye Ferry can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client, including the installation of alternative drive systems, from diesel to electric motors.

The Skye Patrol, on the other hand, was designed with coastal and river patrols in mind. This boat is perfect for law enforcement, customs agents, or environmental services. The boat's versatility and customizability make it a perfect fit for any agency looking for a reliable boat for its operations.

Skye Advance Africa's workboats are built to the highest standards, and their manufacturing process ensures that each boat is both durable and reliable. Their boats are not only suited for Africa's unique environment but they are also built in Africa, providing jobs and economic growth for the region.

In conclusion, the Skye 10 Series range of workboats is a testament to African ingenuity and innovation. These boats are designed for Africa, by Africans, and they represent a significant step forward in the development of African-made boats. With Skye Advance Africa's commitment to quality and reliability, these boats are set to transform the African boating industry for years to come.


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