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About Skye Advance

Skye Advance Africa (SAA) was formed in 2020 when the founder and owner started the business after returning to South Africa from Denmark. While here he saw an opportunity in the market for workboats built with composite materials.

SAA was awarded a grant from the DTIC in 2021 under the guidance of the CSIR and AISI to investigate how local glass fiber and resin combinations in composite building, using high modulus vacuum infusion compares to aluminum. During this investigation, we could prove the strength and weight compared to and /or outperforms aluminum. This testing has allowed SAA to help local suppliers develop their product offerings and supply chain to support the boat
building and marine industry.

Since then SAA has moved into a manufacturing center and started to develop its own workboat series, the Skye 10 Series. The Skye 10 Series is designed for inshore waterways, rivers, lakes, and dams, its shallow deadrise makes the boat ideal for shallow waters and can be operated at high speed. That will allow SAA to build workboats for the African market ranging from ferries and patrol boats to fishing boats. The Skye Series of boats are built to the client's needs from 5,5 meters to 9 meters and can be easily transported in a 40ft container.

From the Skye 10 Series, we will develop the Skye 38 series. This is a deep V bout designed for offshore use and can perform multiple tasks.

SAA is also in collaboration with Tuco Marine ApS and their ProZero range of workboats. The ProZero range of workboats covers defense, offshore and commercial workboats ranging from 5,5 meters to 18 meters and can be supplied directly to any of the 16 SADC countries. We have determined that by using our vast network of local suppliers we can ensure high local content and thus support the local industry.

Our ethos is to provide boats built in a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility and to ensure we provide our staff and boat builders with the necessary skills and training to work to the highest standards. It is in this mindset that we are pursuing to establish a Composite Training Centre that will give our staff not just suitable training but also a certification of competence.


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Image by Christoffer Engström


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