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Ewen Niske

Our founder, Ewen Niske has an absolute passion for anything composite and sometimes it's hard to follow the innovative pace Ewen sets. 

About Ewen

He worked and contributed to many projects on the global stage for composites ranging from superyachts, wind turbines and cure in place technology. 


Having had exposure to Danish culture Ewen is goal-driven and determined to work in an optimised environment and hates wasted time.


"Rather do nothing and know you're doing nothing than pretend to be busy."


As a global player in the composite sector, Ewen's value is his innovative and technical insight to composites and their application, coupled with a passion for excellence and a vision to apply to emerging sectors such as space, EV and robotics.


His experience is over 30 years in composites activity where he applies his passion today at skills and development and know-how sharing to enable better lives for people by using composites as a vehicle.


He was trained at TUCO Marine in Faaborg, Denmark for the first 10 years of his marine obsession in composites and has built green site super yachts manufacturing centres of excellence for Royal Denship AS of Denmark and other major Scandinavian marine sector manufacturers. He has even infused offshore fish farms for Norwegian clients.

His involvement in the renewables sector for the infusion of massive glass fibre blades for TIER 1 wind companies in Germany and Denmark. He has contributed to nacelle manufacturing for the wind sector and has personally built and managed the construction of 100s of marine platforms. 


Ewen extended his composite know-how to the CIPP or trenchless sector and plays an active role in the development of technology in this sector. 

Ewen's private obsessions are solo ocean sailing offshore and water adventure. He skippered 4500 nm single-handedly from Brazil to the Azores and currently is based in Cape Town, South Africa.


"It's all hands on the deck or don't be part of the crew."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Cell phone: +27 79 160 7928

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