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A close up picture of the ocean.

Discover our Boat Series

At Skye Advance we are manufacturing lightweight, reliable vessels that are affordable, durable, and safe. 

A picture of Skye Fisher workboat by Skye Advance Africa.


The Skye 10 Series is designed for inshore waterways, rivers, lakes, and dams, its shallow deadrise makes the boats ideal for shallow waters and can be operated at high speed.



This is a deep V boat designed for offshore use that can perform multiple tasks.

A picture of Skye 38 Series boat by Skye Advance Africa.
A picture of a boat riding in circle by ProZero.


We are also in collaboration with Tuco Marine Aps and their ProZero range of workboats that covers defense, offshore and commercial workboats.

You can check their website for more information.

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