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Skye Artisanal Fisher

African fishermen in a wooden boat on the sea and Skye Artisanal Fisher Boat.

The safety and efficiency of small-scale fishers should be a top priority for governments around the world. The findings from the study conducted by the FISH Safety Foundation emphasize the alarming number of fishing-related deaths and injuries that occur annually, highlighting the need for immediate action to improve the conditions for these fishermen. One practical solution to consider is the Skye 10 Series "Artisanal Fisher," a lightweight 9m boat built using advanced materials and construction techniques.

Currently, many small-scale fishers rely on wooden or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) boats that may not provide adequate safety and durability. By advocating for the use of the Skye 10 Series "Artisanal Fisher," governments can offer a tangible solution to enhance the safety and efficiency of these fishermen. This boat, constructed through vacuum infusion of high-quality technical stitched e-glass, vinyl-ester resin, and PVC core material, offers numerous advantages over traditional boats.

The lightweight design of the Skye 10 Series "Artisanal Fisher" provides several benefits. Firstly, it improves fuel efficiency, allowing fishermen to save costs and reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, the boat's durability surpasses that of current options on the market, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing its lifespan. This increased longevity translates into greater safety and reliability for small-scale fishers, mitigating the risks they face on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the involvement of Skye Advance Africa offers an opportunity to develop local industries and empower communities. By supporting the establishment of local boatyards through license agreements, Skye Advance Africa can facilitate the production of the Skye 10 Series within the fishermen's own countries. This approach not only fosters economic growth but also ensures that the boats are built to world-class manufacturing standards.

Investing in the Skye 10 Series "Artisanal Fisher" and promoting its adoption among small-scale fishers demonstrates a commitment to their welfare and safety. Equipping them with modern, lightweight, and durable boats enhances their ability to carry out their work efficiently while reducing the risks associated with traditional wooden or GRP boats. Through collaboration with Skye Advance Africa, governments can support local industry development, create job opportunities, and ultimately contribute to a safer and more sustainable fishing sector in Africa.


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