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Polymers for Flooring Systems

Coatings for flooring is a speciality area for SkyeAdvance. We have over the past years sourced the best quality and price competitive epoxy products, designed for the purpose of rehabilitation of flooring. From factories to hospitals SkyePOX® covers a broad range of systems with speciality finishes in mate or high gloss.

Our delivery programe includes all the technical ingredients for the task. From the very simple dust binding systems to powerful self leveling membranes. SkyePOX® resins provide high resistance to acid / base loads and heat resistance values.
Through close collaboration with our customers, the right solution is put together for the specific task.

SkyPOX® Systems are specifically developed for:

  • Priming and preparation for joint-free coating

  • Seamless & joint-free floors

  • Joint materials

  • Repairs of concrete damage

  • Moisture protection

  • Flexible membranes

  • Injection systems

  • Colorful topcoats

Our range of products for vacuum infusion:

1. SkyePOX® 10-40 series:

PU based self-leveling membranes

2. SkyePOX® 20-30 series:

Spray membranes for fast curing time and extreme flexibility against water penetration

3. SkyePOX® 30-10 WB series:

Water based epoxy primer

4. SkyePOX® 30-11 WB series:

Water based Epoxy Topcoats

5. SkyePOX® 30-12 WB series:

Liquid diffusion open ceramic epoxy membrane

6. SkyePOX® 30-30 series:

Solvent free epoxy primers

7. SkyePOX® 30-50 series:

Solvent-free epoxy topcoats and membranes

8. SkyePOX® 30-54 series:

Solvent-free epoxy topcoats for high chemical resistence 

9. SkyePOX® 30-60 series:

Flexible epoxy topcoats and membranes

10. SkyePOX® 31-50 series:

UV stable epoxy system

11. SkyePOX® 36-40 series:

Epoxy membranes for 160°C temperature resistence

The SkyePOX 50 series is a versatile and very strong type of varnish, which is used to give the surface a matte appearance. It is specifically developed to help the flooring contractor with a uniform appearance during application and fulfills a great desire for:

  • High adhesion to many types of substrates, including parquet, vinyl / linoleum, epoxy & PU underlay

  • Long durability with high abrasion resistance

  • Nice uniform appearance for use on both newly laid floors and for use on old surfaces

1. SkyePox® 50-10 Transparent top coat mat finish

2. SkyePox® 50-20 Pigmented top coat mat finish

Image by Ruvim Noga

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If any of the polymers above are of interest to you and would like to receive a price indication, let us know your choice and application by clicking here.

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