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Polymers for Steel

Steel must be treated to avoid rust and corrosion. Steel must also be treated to avoid noise from equipment in production and steel must also be treated to avoid wear and tear of the expensive construction.

With the enormous number of types of steel and constructions that are constantly being developed, the question is always which type of protection to choose?

The answer can be found with the SkyePOX® CP systems, where the individual systems are adapted to the steel type and application. The CP systems offer a complete solutions from either 1 layer corrosion primers to multi layer systems for extreme effects.

SkyPOX® Systems are specifically developed for:

  • Building steel

  • Machine Equipment

  • Off-shore and marine benefit for long lasting protection 

Our range of products for vacuum infusion:

1. SkyePOX® 20 series:

Includes spray membranes with fast drying times and enormous abrasion resistance in both thin film layer thicknesses of 15-20mm

2. SkyePOX® PLC E5-P2F:

A unique spray elastomer with very high adhesion without the use of primer and very high elasticity. Layer thicknesses from 300 microns to 10000 microns. The membrane is also distinguished by CD values below 1.5mm (Cathodic Disbondment)

3. SkyePOX® 30-33:

A surface tolerant primer which increases the adhesion between the steel surface and the subsequent treatments

4. SkyePOX® 50-10 & 50-20:

Are used as either transparent or colored mate lacquers for different types of steel surfaces

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