About Skye Advance

SkyeAdvance is a Green Technology company that focuses on composites in the following fields: Marine, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Pipeline Rehabilitation and many other spaces where composites can be applied to add value to the planet. 


Finite engineering materials such as steel and concrete that are using high energy processes whereas composites allow for reuse, upgrading or rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. 


By using advanced composites we can reduce CO2 emissions and develop projects within the green technology criteria.


By sharing and creating globally, we intend to create wealth by igniting the opportunities and solutions that composites present. We strive to deliver entrepreneurial business innovation through continuous learning and the introduction of leading emerging process technologies related to composites.


Breaking the cycle of poverty by actively engaging young people to challenge the failure of financial education and redirect to prosperity through the mechanisms that composites provide, meaning that willing human capital can earn a good living through the various composite services needed.

Image by Viviane Okubo