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Our Services

From Conceptual technology consulting to Material Process we provide Services to industry in composites where process know-how is required to elevate composite processing rate, improve quality, adapt materials,  or manufacture and development of new products. In some cases sourcing of designed for purpose DFP materials from the international market space.


Processing technologies for atmospheric open moulding processes, vacuum infusion systems or injections together with structural composites and associated secondary constructions of parts. 

We have 30 years hands on experience in most composite sectors. With a specialised knowledge in process engineering of composites we consult to business owners, project managers, engineers and architects needing specialised knowledge based services for product and manufacturing in composites.

For pipeline rehabilitation services we are in constant contact with the market for the application of composites where we give technical and product support to system manufacturers, developers, asset owners, engineers, facility managers, municipal decision makers and new projects.

Consultancy services are available for one-on-one or we offer in field training services such as How to lay an epoxy floor, or infuse a super yacht or maybe something interesting like rehabilitation of water networks using composites.


As we are focused at developing composite skills we are fortunate to be able to apply this knowledge to a very broad spectrum where we can extend our impact on job creation and skill development.

Image by Viviane Okubo
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