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Polymers for Pipe Networks

Designed for Purpose Epoxy resin systems for rehabilitation of pipe networks and associated servitudes. SkyePox® systems are developed with the additives and ingredients needed to make the various installations bullet proof.

Cure in Place Pipe polymers for rehabilitation of both potable and Sewer 

SkyPOX® Systems are specifically developed for:

  • Potable water pipe networks 

  • Sewer water pipe networks

  • Manhole rehabilitation

Our range of products for potable & sewer pipe networks

1. SkyePOX® 80FDA-33

2 component epoxy resin system for potable water rehabilitation with 20 hour open time and post cure with steam or hot water

2. SkyePOX® 80-40/180

Epoxy for grey water or sewer systems with 40 and 180 minute pot life

3. SkyePOX® F - 040 

Bisphenol-free epoxy for lining of vertical pipe infrastructure with 4,5 hour pot life

Our range of products for manholes rehabilitation

1. SkyePOX® 20-30 series:

Spray membranes for fast curing time and extreme flexibility against water penetration

2. SkyePOX® 30-30 series:

Solvent-free epoxy primers

3. SkyePOX® 30-50 series:

Solvent-free epoxy topcoats and membranes

4. SkyePOX® 31-54 series:

Solvent-free epoxy topcoats for high chemical resistence

5. SkyePOX® 30-60 series:

Flexible epoxy topcoats and membranes

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If any of the polymers above are of interest to you and would like to receive a price indication, let us know your choice and application by clicking here.

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