Krzysztof Hassek

Kris is a seasoned Composite Production expert with over 20 years hands on teams management in a very wide spectrum of applications. He manages the European operations, although he has been based in South Africa for the infusion and construction of high performance catamarans. He manages the SkyeAdvance composite teams working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany and Poland. 

About Krzysztof

Kris and Ewen were partners during the SUNCHILD Composites era. He brings a huge practical know-how in Vaccuum Infusion processes and has been team leader and onsite skills provider.

His experience allows him to provide in field services to our global market as the know-how can be replicated anywhere in the world.

As project forman, Kris managed large Polish and Ukrainian teams in Nakskov and Århus in Denmark, where we were contracted to build the composite components for 105 and 120ft super yachts.

As business partner in SUNCHILD Composites of Denmark, Kris was fundamental in production start up and manufacturing for the complete component set of Carbon Parts to build 35 and 24 meter high speed catamarans.

Electric boats, high end branded boats and large offshore workboats Kris brings a wealth of knowledge to the game and we are proud to be in partnership with him again.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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