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Polymers for Artists

Create and design with SkyePOX® clear casting polymers. Imagine a material that can help you to create highly transparent and UV-stable objects. When combined with unlimited thickness in the casting process, SkyePOX® polymers are the right starting point for Freedom of Design to make your idea come true. We are very happy to announce that our SkyePOX® 31 and 40 Clear Casting series are specifically developed to create beautiful products and easy handling. Working like liquid glass where you only need to mix the two liquid components at room temperature. It is interesting to see how our products are helping professional artist and industrial manufacturing. In recent years it has also become popular for the DIY market to make nice ideas come to life. What is your Freedom of Design? If you work as an artist or are just interested in shaping your own product, then SkyePox® Clear Casting is just right for you. We offer a wide range of systems such as UV stable transparent varnishes for the most beautiful surface finish or the casting compounds for very thick castings and re-castings.

Our range of products:

1. SkyePOX® 31-50 series:

UV stable epoxy lacquer system

2. SkyePOX® 31-51 series:

Glass clear moulding compound for very large thicknesses

3. SkyePOX® 40-51 series:

PU system with highest UV stability and unlimited thickeness

Image by Mockaroon

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If any of the polymers above are of interest to you and would like to receive a price indication, let us know your choice and application by clicking here.

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