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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Deon Pohorille 

Director Nu Flow Africa (Pty) Ltd & Orsco (Pty) Ltd

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know you did a really good job training our staff at the Sun City Valley of the Waves DN500mm CIPP project. The client thanked me last week saying what a success the job turned out. Both German and Scandinavian CIPP specialists said it was almost impossible to do this difficult job with a Glass-Liner but your knowledge of glass & resins helped pull it off, and in doing so we won the SASTT Trenchless job of the year Award- I’m so glad we decided to work with you. Now the teams quality control records are up to update and easy to manage. The teams are re-ignited regarding quality and the science behind lining. Performing terminations by clashing ends of liners operating under high pressures added new elements to their skills allowing for wider applications of CIPP. The CIPP Resin Lab setup under your guidance during lockdown for our manufacturing team at the Johannesburg facility took R&D, quality control on the manufacturing as well as installation to the next level. Having a polymer Laboratory to  confidently advise clients on QC and pre-determine things we all would never have known, takes guesswork out and puts science in the hands of the manufacturer. Ewen your love of transferring knowledge is only overshadowed by your passion for people and Polymers. I have personally seen you patiently & professionally share composite knowledge with the underdog especially previously disadvantaged african people.

Well done my friend it always fun working with you pushing boundaries on crazy projects that others walk away from."

Image by Jr Korpa
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