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Wind Mills

Composites for Renewables

Sourcing our experience in this sector is a 15-year engagement with the top three TIER 1 wind turbine manufacturers in the world for both, onshore and offshore turbines.


Working with the local and international workforce in Scandinavia, manufacturing some of the largest renewable structures of their time and creating some of the most innovative composite processing available with high volume output from multiple factories in Europe whilst attaining equal product and quality.

  • Composites for Green Technology and the sustainable management of composite to manage cycle from cradle to cradle.

  • 37-100 meter blade infusion with leading Tier 1 manufacturers in Denmark and Germany for prototype blade infusion.

  • Nacelle manufacturing process development for the leading European composite supply chain to Tier 1 wind. Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia 

  • Material sourcing and manufacturing of process materials in all three categories - textile, resin, cores and process technologies. 

  • Direct injection of composite parts through robotic systems and introduction of high volume liner injection profiles to T1 market with supported manufacturing. 


  • Leading-edge blade erosion and rehabilitation of these surfaces. 

Wind Mills

Inãki Manrique

Global Buyer Composites for Nacelle Manufacturing

I met Ewen about 10 years ago when I  was working in the wind industry. When I think about him as a professional the first thing that comes to my mind is his honesty and great technical and practical knowledge of composites. In the different projects he was giving support to the company where I was working, he demonstrated he can always find an easy solution for the different problems that poped up. It is a very good news that he is leading a new project in Africa, surely a great professional like him will have great success.

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