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A Yacht at Sea

Composites for Marine

Our Composite for Marine experience is extensive when it comes to know-how in high volume manufacturing of XXXL parts in all formats and materials. 


Working with local and international artisans in Scandinavia we have created some of the largest maritime structures of their time with the most innovative composite processes available. Our African footprint exists since 2014 with the development of skills for vacuum infusion processing of 50ft high-performance catamarans in the Eastern Cape and other exciting projects in composites to support this region as a manufacturing partner to global demand.

We are proud of our record of training over 200 individuals in composite processing in all maritime and offshore applications both in new builds and reconstruction projects.

Recent Projects:

New Builds

7 x 83ft high performance super yacht for Danish client

1 x 105ft super yacht for Danish client

3 x 120ft super yacht for Danish client

3 x 35 meter full carbon passenger ferry for Norwegian client

1x 24 meter carbon cat

10 x 10 meter luxury tender for super yacht

4 x 12 meter luxury tender for super yacht

174 x high performance sailing yachts for Scandinavian client

Hundreds of small part manufacturing


Plug and mould development 




35 meter catamaran 

50ft catamaran for series production

Full manufacturing know-how and ability to provide global sourcing of primary and process materials direct from manufacturer for supply chain optimasation. 

Image by Matt Hardy

Enrico Ravera


I had the pleasure to work with Mr Ewen Niske during his collaboration with Bodotex Denmark. It was very easy to work together, as he has a natural skill on problem solving and strong propensity to technical development.I was looking to solve a difficult application of special-resins and he provided me several solutions in a very short time; he had the ability to accomplish R&D through several raw materials and my obsessive technical requests.. Strong and clever dedication besides perspicacity focused and end user application necessity. I succeeded to achieve an important Marine International manufacturer client by his technical and commercial support and his fast way to understand performance. I have been impressed by Ewen's broad knowledge of the composite’s world. Personally, I enjoyed working with: when new business become easy to get, it means that you are working having fun. I have high regard for him, both personally and professionally.

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