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Flyover Bridges

Composites for Infrastructure

In this sector we apply polymer know-how from marine and renewables know-how for defence against material fatigue, corrosion or erosion on new and existing infrastructure.

  • Composites for construction

Lightweight building modules such as terraces in multi storey constructions.

  • Industry flooring

Application is an easy start up opportunity to get engaged in infrastructure. Engaging with SME contractors we provide applications processes to ensure long lasting return and materials that are designed for purpose and not modified to fit. 

  • New concrete

Priming for erosion and corrosion defence of concrete structures such as bridges where polymers are applied to stop and prevent further surface degradation and water ingress. Through our supply chain, modern, tested and proven polymer systems are provided to installer on project basis. 

  • Tank lining

Epoxies and polyurethane systems for fibre reinforcement or non fibre reinforces rehabilitation of tank systems.

  • Composites for construction

Composite rebar development for pultrusion composite development.

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