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Pipe Networks

Composites that are applied today in pipe networks for rehabilitation have their origins in the marine sector. The complexities of what is commonly called CIPP or Cure In Place Pipe technology are broad and require an understanding of more than the installation process such as Drag in Place, Pipe Wrapping, or Inversion Methodology.

Composites for Pipe Networks

SkyeAdvance has been active in this sector for about 7 years with direct involvement in research, development, and testing of the emerging trenchless technologies from Europe.


Focusing on the material applications process and design or installation environment, we work with business owners and engineers to improve process quality, skills training in polymer, applications management, material supply chain, and development.


Our focus remains not on the installation process, but on the quality of the installation based on the performance requirements of the composite applied.


We offer an active working knowledge of ASTM 1743, ASTM 1216, and ASTM 2019 for both 2k systems and PI-based thermosetting systems and can typically apply composites outside of these standards to some of the scenarios below:


  • Advanced composite applications such as Carbon Infusion of DN 1800 plus pipes

  • Pipe Wrapping systems using Vacuum Infusion or De-bulking of fiber complexes

  • Inversion technology using Air and Hydrostatic head

  • Drag In place XXXL Size liners and UV Curing technology

  • Pipe Coatings


Market development of technologies and customer support services on behalf of international partners.

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